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The single-family house in Switzerland

The single-family house is situated in a mountainous region of Switzerland surrounded by the forest. Its front facade faces the lake creating a magnificent view.

Beautiful stairs lead to the terrace on the second floor, where the bedroom and the working space is located. This gives easy access to the parking place at the back entrance.

There are two storeys in the house. On the first floor, there is a spacious living room with the kitchen, a bedroom, a bathroom, a wardrobe, a laundry and a technical space where all the balky equipment is located.
The stair leads to the second floor where two bedrooms, wardrobes, a bathroom and two spacious terraces from two sides of the house are located.

As we link cost and schedule to the elements of a 3D model, you can see what is the cashflow, which operation is under construction and the percentage of the completed work at any given moment of time. This not only makes it possible to adjust the cost and sequence before the construction has began but also gives you the predicatability and clarity of the amount of money you need at each construction stage. As we develope the 3D model, our client has an access to it from his phone or tablet, navigate through the model and see if he or her is satisfied with the result on each design stage. It gives our client a great opportunity to participate in design and make necessary adjustments before it is too late
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